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Apr. 23rd, 2012

Feed Zach fund! Plus BBQ

On Wednesday is ANZAC day and I will be hosting for friends and furs, byo meat as usual but this year will be different. As most of you know my brother Zach is in Uni and a full time student, paying bills and even eating is difficult for him so I would like your help in helping him. Obviously if you can't afford to give THAT IS OKAY. The highest contributor will have my services for a whole day, any day they choose to do what ever they would like done. It is vital none of you mention this to Zach. So please if you would like to come and join us for a BBQ and laughs do come along. And once again if you can't afford anything I would still like to have your company.

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Sep. 22nd, 2011

Fursona's and dating

I made a twitter post today to see what everyone's thoughts were on dating particular species in the fandom, the responses were insightful and I thank everyone for their input. However I am a furry who is put off on the thought of dating particular species. I believe you choose your fursona whether it suits your personality, if its your spirit animal or you just have an affinity with a particular species. So I have nothing but respect if you choose to be an animal or hybrid if it fits one or all of these examples, however, choosing a species because its 'cool' really puts me off. I will hang out and socialize with them but anything more and I'm out.

I am after a relationship, i want a boyfriend. I recently found someone whose been a furry for 20 years but is new to the community, he is genuinely sweet and caring. His fursona however makes it hard for me to want more, Unlike the reasons I put above, his fursona fits his personality and its something very special for him but its a species I can't see myself dating. Call me crazy. This is who I am. I am interested in showing him to this community, I think he will be an amazing asset to us and the fandom.

That's my rant thanks for reading :3

Aug. 4th, 2011

(no subject)

This last post was supposed to be on JM's post. Sorry.

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(no subject)

I favor silicon lubricants, a little goes a very long way. My favorite is and American brand (I think it's called wet stuff) can buy it fairly cheap online. KY and the like I find you have to constantly re-apply for a long session.

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Jun. 23rd, 2011


Sunday the 3rd July is mah birthday, so I'm planning a party on Saturday the 2nd. If your interested lemme know :3

May. 12th, 2011


Eurovision seems to have sneaked up again, and I am dead keen to actually hear the music this year. I am happy to open my house for anyone whose as enthusiastic as I am about this competition however because of last years events I would not like screaming or overpowering talking WHILE the contest is on. If this does not interest you please do not come.

Obviously light talk and such is welcome, I'm not that much of a nazi.

It starts tomorrow at 8:30 and goes through to 10pm, second semi finals on Saturday night then finals on Sunday. If your interested reply to this post or message me.

I will most likely host at my house after Eurovision tomorrow night anyway.


Feb. 28th, 2011

DoaA 1 week

I MADE IT!! 1 week on and not a touch from a cigarette. Though it has been BLOODY HARD! I'm finding my breathing to be deeper already, my pulse isn't so high when I'm exerting myself.. And I feel just damn fine. I did slip on Friday night though. I didn't smoke but I did ask my brother for a drag.. instantly I felt ashamed and said never mind before he could give me an earful. That almost slip up made me feel awful and it was time too leave that party and move onto Wolfadawn's Bday bash. Once I was driving with a clear head I was fine. The association on drinking with friends was what i knew would be the hardest part of my quit smoking journey.

So Ive made it Today, as off 6pm tonight it has been a full week without a cigarette.. And I'm feeling fantastic. Thank you all for your support. It has been a driving force for me to quit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Feb. 22nd, 2011

DoaA 24 hours

So I have successfully made it through today. But my gods... All day since I woke up, my brains screaming at me to have a smoke, which only lasts a few minutes but have that a dozen times during the day and I literally fell ill. If my two work smoke buddies were there I'm pretty damn sure I would have pinched a smoke of them... Lucky for me they are both on holiday til Monday.

Lucky again (for me) one of my off-siders has torn a ligament in his leg, and won't be back til Thursday which doubles my work load and in turn keeps me constantly busy. It seems if I were to quit, this is the perfect time. I reached about 1pm were I couldn't really preform any task without thinking 'I need a smoke'... and actually threw up (I don't know if this was the canteen food or constant worrying).

After that episode I figured I'd call my Mum. just to hear her voice and talk about family and even the bloody weather made me calm down. It's amazing what a phone call can do. Finally the worst part was about to come. Can I drive home without stopping by a service station or shopping center or bottle shop for some cigs.. To my surprise I made it home :3

I hope the worst is over and now all I have to do is ride out the twinges and shakes.

Thanks for all the kind words, I really appreciate it. It really makes me want to keep trying.


Feb. 21st, 2011

Diary of an Addict.

I am certainly not proud of my addiction, and have constantly failed at quitting cigarettes. However this time I am more then determined to quit for good. It's been something building up these past few months and I hope this journal will help not only myself but furs looking at quitting or curious about smoking. I have one cigarette left, and it will be my ritual after dinner smoke with a beer. Tomorrow morning the hard yards begin.

This addiction is fucking retarded. It cost's me roughly $70 a week, that's $3640 a year to maintain. This journal will be updated daily or less. And I hope that anyone curious to start smoking will read this and see how damn difficult, frustrating and crushing it feels to quit when your hooked. Anyone who continues to smoke I hope that this journal will be an inspiration.

My addiction started around June 1999 in year 9, while in Drama myself and 5 others were rehearsing a performance after school when our Drama teacher offered us a cigarette. He was like an idol to me so I guess I wanted to impress him. This was the start to the long road of smoking. This is no excuse, I should have known better.

I am really bloody nervous about tomorrow.
I know I can do it.


Dec. 17th, 2010


New phone but lost everyones contacts. If you dont mind me having your number either DM me or sms me your number on 0403658556


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